Tim Crum has more than 15-years experience in fundraising, public relations, and management in the animal welfare industry for both non-profit and municipally-run animal welfare organizations.  He has directed a small humane society in rural Maryland, a mid-sized animal control in Virginia, as well as one of the country's largest animal shelters in urban Phoenix. As a fundraising professional, he has raised over $175,000,000 for local and national non-profit animal welfare organizations and under his direction, annual contribution revenue at PetSmart Charities grew from $10M to over $30M in just four years - representing the largest financial growth in the organization's history.  Tim is also the founder and CEO of Animal Shelter Fundraising, the country's only fundraising company specializing in fundraising and capital campaigns for animal welfare groups.  Since the company's inception in 2008, Tim has invested 10,000-hours consulting with  75 organizations; with more than 1,000 hours on-site as a management consulting observing, interviewing and advising executives, boards and managers in a wide variety of business functions from fundraising to operations to board governance.   He is often called upon to speak at national and regional conferences.  As founder and lead presenter for the School of Fundraising, Tim also travels the country and gives fundraising workshops, presentations and motivational speeches to thousands of professionals every year.  He has visited more than 300 shelters in 49 states and six countries. Tim's household is filled with the love of a two dogs, a cat and two rabbits.
Animal Shelter Services is a leading, full-service consulting company dedicated to helping animal shelters operate more efficiently and effectively.

Tim Crum has successfully helped animal welfare groups across the country from municipally-run animal care and control departments to non-profit animal shelters.  As an executive-level leader, Tim has developed, implemented, and managed shelter programs, services and teams to a high-level of success.  His experience and skills within the animal welfare industry is unrivaled.   In fact, there aren't many animal shelter professionals who have visited as many shelters (more than 300+ in 49 states and six countries) or who have mentored as many professionals as Tim.

Since 2000, Tim has invested over 25,000-hours consulting with more than 150 animal welfare organizations investing 2,500+ hours on-site observing, interviewing and advising executives, boards, staff and volunteers on a wide variety of business functions from shelter operations to management to board governance to fundraising.