The design, development and implementation of appropriate policies, procedures and practices are essential to the success of your shelter's day-to-day operations and are essential to establishing a good work environment and reputation in the community.  Animal Shelter Services can ​develop policies and procedures that transform your organizational performance, and consult with you on innovative approaches for converting management practices to enhance performance.


If you are a non-profit animal welfare organization, the organization's financial and operational health is directly attributed to the governing body of the organization - the board of directors.  Developing a strong board, who understand their legal and ethical duties and responsibilities, is one of the most critical things a non-profit board can do for itself.  Animal Shelter Services will work closely with your organization’s board to review your board composition, structure, and operations then examine your board documents including board: policies and procedures, handbook/manual, giving policy, confidentiality, non-disclosure policy, job descriptions and much more.  We’ll provide a dynamic and engaging on-site training, rich with content, to help your board understand its legal and ethical duties while guiding and mentoring your board to establish systems, policies and procedures that will ultimately strengthen the board, its efficacy and reputation within the community.  Our board development provides a results-oriented process that will set your organization on the right course for the next several years.  

                                             BONUS: Each board member will receive a copy of Tim                                                  Crum's 104-page book,

                                             An Animal Shelter's Guide to Board Governance.

Let Animal Shelter Services lead the development, training and motivation of your board while improving board policies and procedures.

We also offer a board audit (i.e. evaluation) which is a comprehensive review of your board policies, procedures and practices.  This 360' review is one of the bet ways to maximize the efficacy of your board.  


When there is a change in your organization's leadership from resignation, dismissal or retirement, this can present a challenge for your organization to maintain effective and efficient operation of the day-to-day tasks.  This can be particularly challenging if your organization was already experiencing issues with operations.  Placing an unqualified staff person, board member or even volunteer, in the role of "temporary director" can do more harm than good.  Hastily hiring a new director without vetting them first can lead to further operational and financial instability. 

Our interim leadership services provides your animal shelter with instant access to a qualified, yet hands-on’ executive, with a proven track record in animal shelter management.

Animal shelters typically hire interim leadership for three to six months to help their organization get through major change, help implement a critical strategy or simply to plug a critical management gap until a permanent executive can be found.

Whatever the reason, an interim executive offers these benefits:

  • EXPERIENCED. An interim executive has the skills, background and expertise in directing animal shelters - both nonprofit and municipal.
  • READY TO GO. An interim executive is ready to start and be on-site within just days.
  • OBJECTIVE. An interim executive is not subjected to the constraints, politics or dynamics of past or current situations and can be effective in rolling out strategic policies, procedures and performance.

When your organization needs a "bridge" to take you from previous leadership to future leadership,  Animal Shelter Services offers the expertise, experience and skills to:

  • successfully guide your day-to-day operations
  • keep employees and volunteers motivated, organized and on task
  • maintain a high level of service and programs
  • develop policies, procedures, handbooks and manuals (as needed)
  • maintain fundraising and community relations
  • keep your fingers on the “pulse” of the organization
  • update and report to the board about organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • ​assist with the recruitment, interviewing and hiring of a new executive

​If the operations or management of your organization needs professional, industry expertise, let Animal Shelter Services help you.  Please contact Animal Shelter Services today at 623.975.1234 


Animal Shelter Services is considered a leader in the development and implementation of a myriad of shelter programs and services.  Our team is comprised of professionals who have had highly successful careers in the animal welfare industry, and who have demonstrated the ability to analyze, develop, implement and maintain successful shelter programs and services.  As your partner, we will work closely with you and your team to evaluate and/or help you design and implement programs and services customized for your organization.


Could your executive director or leader benefit by being coached?

Is your organization moving into a new facility and you want leadership to manage using best practices?

If you answered "Yes" to either question then your organization could benefit from a coach.

​Coaching is short-term (usually 30-90 days) action-oriented tasks such as learning how to manage more effectively, developing strategic and big picture thinking, understanding and implementing best practices and learning how to better communicate with others.

With executive and managerial experience operating animal shelters and animal care and control departments, Animal Shelter Services can coach your executive to lead with success.



Animal Shelter Services offers specialized recruitment service for when your nonprofit or municipal animal shelter is seeking highly qualified candidates for executive and director-level jobs.  Because of our longevity and work (on a national level) within the animal sheltering industry,  we were often called upon for recommendations of candidates by various shelters during a sudden search.  We now offer executive search as a permanent service.  Allow us to use our deep knowledge of people within this industry to get you the best possible candidate.  Our searches are professionally conducted and confidential.  Please contact Tim direct at 623.975.1234 to discuss your search.





The animal sheltering industry can be one of the most challenging industry's to navigate with so many different philosophies and models from "no kill" to "limited admission" to "open admission".  Getting people together from various organizations can often time be an exercise in futility that leads to heated exchanges.   The best and most productive way to get people together is through the use of an impartial facilitator.  

Animal Shelter Services can facilitate meetings in order to unlock the ability and potential of your collaboration while making meeting's both productive and creative.  We'll work with all interested parties to understand key issues then develop ground rules; create an engaging and interactive agenda with objectives; develop meeting materials; keep discussions on topics (not people) ensuring the meeting is civil and not personal; and making sure agenda items are completed and objectives met.





If your animal shelter is challenged by operational issues or is under scrutiny by the general public, staff, board, committee, volunteers or the media then an animal shelter evaluation is in order to help you identify the exact issues then address them in a systematic and strategic manner.  A thorough and objective review of your operations, staff, facility, finances, key leadership and resources may be the most important thing you can do for the health and future of your organization.

Our objective, impartial and independent third-party professional shelter evaluation will review the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall operation.  In fact, we offer  the most comprehensive shelter evaluation in the entire animal welfare industry.  Here are just a few of the reasons why our shelter evaluation is the best in the industry:

  • our team of professionals have over 50-years of sheltering experience - more than any other company offering evaluations
  • we have visited and toured more than 300 animal shelters in all 50 states - at least six times greater than our closest competitor
  • we evaluate every aspect of your shelter including areas that other companies simply don't such as  board governance, fundraising, public relations, budget, off-site adoptions and even pet transport
  •  our evaluation is the best value with many extras that other companies simply do not offer

A shelter evaluation will not only improve your operations, but can:   

  • improve community awareness and perception,
  • increase pet adoptions ,
  • recruit new volunteers and board members
  • lead to an increase in funding, donors, foundation and corporate support

For more information about our shelter evaluation service, please visit our informational website.